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MY 65g reef tank


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Hello all,


I just joined PNWMAS today. I have been a reefer now for a little over a year and I can't ever get enough of it. There is nothing like looking in to a world that you have created and finding little creatures and corals pop up out of nowhere.

I currently have a 65 gal reef tank it's 36 x 18 x 24 inches. I'm running a single 250w MH light and two 96w compacts in a custom hood that I built. I have four powerheads creating the current. for filtration I have a seaclone skimmer and a Rena cannister filter. There is probably 50 lbs of live sand and 100 lbs of live rock.


2 percula clowns

1 blue tang

1 atlantic yellow tang

3 blue reef chromis

1 purple psuedochromis

1 scooter blenny

1 firefish

1 flame angel

1 pink and blue spotted goby

1 sand sifting/diamond/orange spotted goby (scratch)

1 bangaii kardinal

1 snowflake eel (in a separate tank)


1 crocea clam

1 skunk cleaner shrimp

1 condy anenome

1 sand sifting sea star

misc hermit crabs

misc snails

1 pink urchin

assrtd mushroom corals

1 kenya tree

green star polyps

brown and bright green zoo's

hammerhead coral

scab polyps

and a few other mystery corals too :)


That's my tank. I'm working on a photobucket site right now. http://s251.photobucket.com/albums/gg302/snookie986/ Next thing to go in the tank is a few red mangroves. I set up a planter type thing to hang the trees into the tank to aid in water purification. I'm excited, the trees will be about 9 inches tall and will just peek out of the hood.


my future plans entail getting a 110 to 125 gallon tank when I move. this is my second tank so i know what it takes to move one, not fun.


If i'm not up to my neck in saltwater everyday then something is truly wrong.

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Welcome to the group. :) It looks like you have a nice list of stuff that you have in your tank. I have not looked at the pictures yet, but I will do that soon.


How did you hear of the group?


Make sure that you come to the monthly meeting so we can all meet you in person.


dsoz :)


Edit: I normally don't criticize a person, especially in their first post, but do you know that you have a thing pictured called a mojano anemone? Many consider these to be pests, they reproduce quickly in the right conditions, spread throughout the tank, and can harm/sting other corals or fish. Most would consider trying to remove it ASAP. I am talking about this guy in the picture



The rest of your tank looks AWESOME!!! I love the pics of the clowns in the frogspawn(?) You must like your cleaner shrimp, you have many pictures of it. :)


Again, welcome to the club. :)

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Welcome to the club! what are you defining this as? http://s251.photobucket.com/albums/gg302/snookie986/?action=view&current=Aquarium012.jpg

I only ask because I think this is a majano anemone.. other than that, everything looks great... Keep up the good work and keep posting your updates, glad to see everyone in the house is enjoying the fish tank, my family forgets sometimes its here.... but we all still get kicks out of it now and then.. LOL

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Thanks! I plan on getting a larger tank in a year or so for the tangs. As for the pictures, I love photography and I seriously spend at least an hour in front of the tank for a session. I probably take at least 100 photos at a time. I just pick out the best ones. I'm using a pretty basic camera, it's a Fuji s700 7.2 mega pixels, I just play with all the manual settings to get the right shot. I also spent an hour trying to catch my scooter blenny do some kind of mating display, I finally got it on video. Any one know how/where to post videos? I'll definitely bring it to the next meeting though.

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If I didn't know what that was I deserve a kick in the face.


Nobody deserves a kick in the face for not knowing. Some even like them. I have heard that there are a couple of people that keep them in a species tank. Just imagine a tank full of animals that are so hardy that you need to try to kill them. One person's weed is another person's flower.


But then once you want to keep them they would probably wither up and die DOH!.



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