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WTS/WTT 75g tank, 14g biocube, HOB overflow


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Everything here I want to get rid of asap. Ill take cash or trade, all reasonable offers accepted. Sorry I dont have pics, I can get some in a day or so. Understand, everything I have is as is. I try to describe em best I can. Up for grabs I have;


75g glass tank. Standard 4ft tank, think its like 18" wide and like 19.5 tall or something. Has a chip in the back left corner. Holds water just fine. Wouldn't use as a display tank but would be great as a grow out tank or a sump or whatever you could think of. Back is painted blue and has some coralin coverage on it. Would take whatever, there like 150ish new I think. Make offer.


14g Oceanic Biocube. Got it used but never got into it. The fans in these things have bad bearings from what I have heard from others on reefcentral. Can get better replacement computer fans for like 5 bucks at frys. Also, one of the lights doesn't turn on, assuming just needs a bulb. Would be a great quarantine tank too. I think there also around 150ish new.


Coralife 4ft PC fixture with moonlights. Great for a FO tank. Self contained with four 65w PC bulbs, two white, two atinic. The moon lights flicker when you jiggle the cord and one side of the white just died. Assuming its a bulb issue. Anyway, got ripped off on this fixture about a year and a half ago. Paid like 250 for it. Spent 6 months on my tank, and the rest under my bed. Again, taking offers or trade.


HOB acrylic overflow. 1.5" bulkhead, id guess around 400gph, two U tubes, plus a 1.5" PVC screw in coupler(removable easily) for easy plumbing. Needs to be cleaned. Bout 80 bucks new, plus 15 bucks for the coupler. Same as the rest, offer or trade.


What Im looking for.

Hydor Korelia #4 powerheads x2

3" or larger healthy Blue Tang or Regal Tang

Nice clam or two

Interesting/rare zoa's or nice colored branching SPS.

Live rock

Cash money


I also have like 8 diferent Zoa's Im gonna be fragging here soon if anyone is a fan. Got some nice ones. Ill post pics soon as I can.

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