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I have a gal at work that would like to have a nano tank on her desk. I know next to nothing about them but have done some reading. I saw what appears to be a nice 12 gallon tank with a full 3 compartment refugium on the back on Tanks Direct.com. The light is a T-5 with 4 32W tubes and I believe the pump is about 190GPH. Is there a best size nano? Would it need a skimmer? Would this tank support a few soft corals and one fish? Your input would be appreciated. Thanks. Gary.

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12 gallons are great and yes you can have some softies in there with a fish. My sone has one with a few shrimp a fish and some softies and everything looks great. As for skimmer if you do weekly water changes you should not need one. Only thing I did on my sons was ditch the stock pump and put in a bigger one it helps with the flow. Also ditch the bio balls in the back and put in some LR or just do cheato in there instead with a little light. There are a couple of differant set ups you can get also. Good luck!

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if its in an office be sure to look into an Auto top off like the one from JBJ because evaporation cause salinity swings like crazy. and in a small tank such as 12 gallons a little swing makes a huge difference. I have a 29g biocube and have had a 12 nanocube before. feel free to post here or PM with an questions you may have and i will try to help you out. also check out nano-reef.com for great ideas and help.

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