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Andy sentanced to 20 years


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Screw that the guy should be castrated. Playing around with a supposed 14 year old girl (undercover cop). Did anyone bother to read anything????? Is there any sympathy for the family?? Is something like this suppose to be just forgiven?? This is horrible.... Later Ryan

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His wife and children are just as much a victim as any child he came into contact with thru the internet or otherwise in a sexual or sexually suggestive manner. Im glad the "victim" here was actually an undercover police officer and not an actual child. Who knows how many other victims this man has contacted before? My sympathy truly does go out to his wife and children. What he did and was doing is one of the most perverse, deviant things he could do and is a serious cancer in our society nowadays. But unfortunately now his family is going to take a serious amount of verbal and emotional abuse because of his poor choices and perversion. Truly sad.

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