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Clams for sale!!!! Cheap!!


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Mister Crabs. I am moving to Las Vegas. These people can have their green trees and no sunlight for four months in the winter. The desert is where home is. I am from Las Vegas. I was born and raised there. Not seeing the sun drives me crazy and I am glad that I am almost done. Plus I dont like being away from my family not to say that I havent established bonds for a lifetime here but I need to be by my dad and family. When I am I just feel better.

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Hey, I am in Albany and have been looking for a way to clean my sand that I purchased from a club member that came from a few different tanks. But it has a lot of brown heavy merc that looks like muddy water. However, it is full of life and I am not going to rinse it or vac the hell out of it. Just looking for something to eat thee waste or uneaten food, not really sure what it is for sure.





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