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I currently run GAC and GFO in a HOB filter. Seems to be working well for me so far, i'm finally getting the upperhand on my cyano problem. I am going to build a small reactor for the 2, and i will continue using both.


The key is to get enough flow thru the media.

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Most have phos, easy way to tell is do a phos test and drop a few grains in, usually will turn your phos test to mostly blue or purple whatever color it gets... Marineland carbon is loaded with phos, I got some Fluval here Im going to test this week but honestly if your tank is running well it should not be an issue.

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you should be fine then a long as you know whats happening... the only other test I should run is add the marineland carbon and let is run for a couple days then test it again, this way if it tested good you could saok the product for a few days to release phos. Just and idea... I am just to lazy to open the reactor to test.

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