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Non-pulsing prune xenia!


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So I have a pretty good size chunk of pulsing xenia on a piece of rock with some zoos. Over the weekend, I had a mechanical failure (protein skimmer plugged and over flowed) and my sump stopped recirculating. I had to add a quick batch of saltwater to get it going again, which may have shocked some things, but every else came back. My tank has stopped recirc a couple times in the past, but always without resulting problems. This time, though, my xenia got kind of wrinkly and stopped pulsing to its full potential. Any ideas?

Everything else is doing fine in my tank. The pictures are kind of hard to see, but you can almost see the wrinkly trunk of the xenia.




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as long as it does not "melt" it should be fine. If it starts to dissolve, then get it out as soon as possible before it starts to release nutrients into the water.


zoas are usually considered not a threat to other corals.




BTW is that overflow working OK for you?

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If they do "melt" I can hook you up with some more xenia.


Good to hear about the overflow. It should have a sponge to go over the stand-pipe in the back. I noticed that I still have it in my stuff. I forgot to give it to you. I found that the sponge makes it have a little less noise. Sometimes it made a sucking-gurgle noise, and the sponge helps with that.



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Hey Aqua-ed, sorry to hear about your overflow. Question for you, do you pre-filter your over-flow box, or is it un-filtered. I am just starting out and bought an over-flow box the only has 1 U-tube and a two stage box in the tank that only cost mr $60.00.


Good Luck



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