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blastomussa and blue tang


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I have 2 green and red blastomussa corals, which have been doing well until 2 days ago. They have not opened fully and have been retracted. I tried to move them to different location but no improvement. Zooxanthelles are still present. I'm not if the inverts are bothering them or something else in the water. Water is good. I have 2 175W MH and 6 Actinic VHO 110W, 100G tank. Any suggestion what to do or expect to see?


I also bought a blue hippo tang, 3 in, who has been hiding in a crevice and has not come out. Or at least I have not seen it. I think my yellow tang is chasing it. What do I do? Thanks

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The hippos are wimps and hide at anything IME. Mine was one of the first fish I put in my tank and he still wimpers in the rocks when something scares him. Just be careful if you plan on taking rock out of the tank as it may hide in the rock and you won't see it until it's on the floor.

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I have blasto for almost a month. They were nice and plumb. What do I feed them.


I guess I have to be patient with the blue tang. I afraid it may be dead somewhere in the rock. Thanks.


Anything you'd feed your fish. Mysis, brine, flake food, squid, etc.

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