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water parameter problems

Ron Popeil

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current readings of my water quality read:


CA 500

ALK 10.2 3.66

PH 7.24



what is going on here? what can i do to fix this? i assume this has something to do with my calcium reactor, as ive been having problems trying to dial it in properly. unfortunately, my bubble counter turns the CO2 to a mist, making it difficult to adjust. tonight i turned it off to see if my ph will increase over the next few days...


id just like some suggestions on fixing this. thank you.

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Also note that this time of year you can have ph issues just due to not getting any air exchange in your home. This would not bring your ph down that much but it may be a partial culprit, to fix mine I simply extended the airline into the skimmer outside for fresh air. You may also consider dosing some kalk in your top off if your running an ATO.


Before doing anything though I would wait at least a few days and see what happens to your ph with the reactor off, if that fixes it you should consider hooking the new AC jr you purchased to your co2 regulator to control the ph, then you won't have to worry about bubble count. Make sure you calibrated that probe to before you rely on the ph measurement you got.

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well the probe was recalibrated when hooked up to the controller, and it gave me the same results the monitor i had been using gave me. which i thought was faulty until now. with my calcium reactor off now since saturday my morning pH is still 7.2. disheartening. the addition of the 5 gallon refugium im hoping will help, as will the hole i will drill today or tomorrow to pull fresh outside air into my skimmer. ill even throw in some kalk today. thanks for the help!


i just find it unusual that my alk and calcium can be optimal, but not my pH. ill start my controller questions on my other thread.

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Just don't throw in the kalk... LOL


I would just open a door a crack and put the airline through till you verify thats the issue before drilling holes.

As for ph, if it was that low you will be seeing some of your aragonite bed slowly melting... it may even dissolve slightly and melt together so its all hard as a rock and need to be broken up.


keep us posted, but I have never seen a salt tank at 7.2 ph other than in the reactor.

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well the sand is not melting nor melting together. my SPS are not doing extra well, but everything else seems unaffected. ill try to calibrate the pH probe again. based on the controllers directions, after i place the probe in the calibration fluid, i dont have to wait for the probe to match the number, i just have to wait for the numbers to stop changing. right? so ill put the probe in the 7.00 solution, and it will get to say 7.23 and will stop there. so i press select, just as instructed. the same with the 10.00 solution. it never reaches 10, maybe 10.30 or so. am i not doing something properly when calibrating?

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