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Herp./reff question


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I housed the Sulcata tortoise we bought from you in a 10 gallon aquarium and now it has moved on to a bigger and better home.


So my question is.....

Is there a way to clean out the 10 gallon tank and be able to use it as a QT/hospital tank for my new frags/corals, (and possibly fish)?


The reason I ask is I have heard that some tanks that have housed lizards will never be able to used as fish tanks after doing so.

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Just like thet say you can never use a tank that has dosed Copper again, however I have kept corals in the QT tanks after heavy cleaning, even the same pump and heater. I think this has to do with sterilization. clean it like your going to eat off it, then clean it again. You should be OK as long as there is no cracks or places and bacteria can leach from.

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