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Red Sea Reefer Peninsula 650 for sale


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Hello Reefers,
I have a Red Sea Reefer Peninsula 650 for sale for $200.00. The aquarium and plumbing are included in the sale. The cabinet, refugium and sump are not. I bought it a year ago from someone who got it from a friend because it was damaged in shipping from Red Sea. There was a thin 8 inch scratch on one of the long display sides. It's hard to see and I couldn't get a photo of it. Red Sea replaced the aquarium only and he sold it to his friend. His friend bought the upper plumbing and decided not to use it. Then I bought it from him and bought the lower plumbing as well. I moved and the blackout side lower left corner was chipped in the move. The chip is still attached to the blackout film. I feel like the chip could be ground down or glued back. The moving company reimbursed me for what I paid for it minus the plumbing which is why I'm only asking $200. I would have loved to repair it and use it but it doesn't fit in our new house. No shipping, sorry.








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