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Waterbox 20 AIO


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Well I attempted to get back in, I just flat out don’t have the time or desire to add another thing to my to do list. This setup is dialed. Turn key system with plenty of room to add corals of your liking. Not interested in parting this one out. If it doesn’t sell complete I will just continue to do weekly changes and look at it once or twice a week 😂 

Included in the setup 
Waterbox 20 aio rimless ultra clear
Waterbox 20 black stand
Marine depot controller board
Kessil a160we with angle mount 
Kessil light controller
Innovative marine minimax reactor
Hanna checkers and salinity checker
Inkbird temp controller
Cobalt neo therm 100w
Innovative marine dc return pump with controller
Auto xp aqua ato
Innovative marine ato resivoir 
Auto aqua secruity overflow protection sensor
Reef glass protein skimmer plus air pump
Jebao sl-10 wavemaker with controller x2
Kraken reef premium lid with feeder hole
Kraken reef feeder cup neon green 
Kraken reef pump cover neon green
Intank media basket chamber 1
Flipper aquatics nano algae scaper
Flipper aquatics coral viewer
Polyplab  kit for photos
Kraken reef glasses for coral viewing
Eshoppes alpha frag rack orange
Eshoppes feeder
2 orange wavemaker covers
Vivid aquatics random flow generator
salifert test kits 
Red sea test kits
Intank foam
Coral feeders

5 gallon IM ATO reservoir 
bucket tropic marin pro salt
Water change system with pump
And anything else I’m forgetting. 

one typical Nemo clown

black and white clown

bubble tip nem


purple hammer

A few other misc corals 

price is 900 for everything.

The tank, stand, light and ATO were more than my asking price. You’re in a sense getting all other equipment, test kits, livestock, salt, etc for free 😊 my cell is 5032674537 shoot me a text and I can send photos I’m having trouble getting them to upload from my phone right now. I’m in Oregon city 

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