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Cole Tang


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So I'm "thinking" about selling or trading my cole tang, he keeps my rock and tank spotless but he's developing an attitude problem with my smaller tangs and I'm about over it, he obviously needs to be in a tank with some larger tangs to keep him in check.


He's a hog to say the least, about 4 inches now and insanely active... I'd rather trade him to someone for another tang or something else of decent size thats not going to pick at any of my corals / clam etc.


I'm really hesitant to get rid of him because he's such a good cleaner but I'm not sure how much longer the little guys are going to put up with him being so aggressive.

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Ya, he gets lots of nori a few times a week... Funny thing is that I housed him and my little blue in the nano for almost two months and they got along great while the 120 was cycling. Now the little blue is in quarntine from getting so picked on by the cole so much now... So I think he's going to have to go, or get a large powder blue or something to kick his butt for a little while and set him in his place.

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