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jsw's reef


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Hey PNWMAS! My first reef tank is about 8 months old now. Here is an HTS (half tank shot). It still has quite a bit of growing to do, but I thought I'd share.


I have some other nice close-up shots that I'll be posting on here as well.




Let me know if you have any questions about specifics. It's a Biocube 29 soon to be upgraded to a 24x24x18 envision cube.


I'd really like to attend a club meeting sometime too... what do I need to do?

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I've had the xenia since the beginning of the tank. The clowns love it too much to take it out. Believe me, I've thought about it.


I remove a few stalks every month or two. I usually just go drop it off at seahorse, but if anyone wants some free xenia let me know.


I like the movement and texture it gives the tank as well. It was pretty thick at that point in this picture. Growth is isolated from the main rocks too.


I may get something else for the clowns to host at some point though...

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gorgeous tank! I'd love some free xenia when you have some :)


It's yours. I'll PM ya when I do the next trimming. Just did it, so it might be a month or two. We'll see how much it decides to grow this month.


Looks great. Is that a vortech? If so' date=' how do you keep the water in the tank!?!? (laugh)[/quote']


Ahh, the Vortech. I thought someone would say something about that. The flow with that in a 29 gallon tank makes some very strong current for sure. I had a gyre going with some strategically placed rocks to deflect direct flow for a few corals.


The bearing actually went out in the Vortech a couple of weeks ago, and I haven't purchased the replacement. I just dropped a couple of 700gph powerheads in.


I'm kinda irked the Vortech went out after 5 months or so with regular cleaning.


Right now I'm thinking about flow on the new 24x24x18 upgrade tank. I have two 3/4" returns on the top corners of the rear with a near coast-to-coast overflow. I have an Eheim 1260 for return from the sump. Leaning towards an OM 2-way for the 1260 up. For the real flow, I still haven't decided -- Tunze, Vortech, ? -- I know I want more than one powerhead on some sort of wavemaker. You guys have any suggestions?



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