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60G Cube, 120G, Aquapod 24, PFO, Tunze.....


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Okay so I am trying to buy Scott's 90G so I gotta get some cash. I dont really wanna get rid of some of this stuff (future setups) but what ever sells first sells. So here we go.


125G 4'x2'x25"-Corner Overflow-Black back- Drilled for closed loop- I really dont wanna sell this. Still might not but if it goes I guess it goes. Its all cleaned up now and ready to go. Nice looking tank!! Ill price at what Dennis was going to when it was cleaned up. I also have some bulkheads and screens that you might be able to use. $225




7 pairs of 3 Piece VHO Endcaps ($10 a pair new) $30 for all


4.5 Pairs of VHO Standoffs ($6 a pair new) $15


Coralife Aqualight 150 Watt HQI Pendant - $170 I can include a couple different bulbs

Precision Marine HOT-1 Skimmer - NO PUMP- $60


2- Hamilton 14k 400w (2 months of use on both) $50


2- Workhorse 5 Ballasts- $50


Blown Icecap 660 w/ harness and heatsink $25


DIY Pendant 150w (Regent style) $20

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