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Snowflake Moray to Good Home


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Hey Folks!

My colleague Larry Boles asked me to reach out to this community to see if anyone would like a Snowflake Moray. I'm just the liaison so if you have questions about this beautiful animal, please reach out to Larry via the email address below:


Looking for a home for a Snowflake eel, Echidna nebulosa, approximately 20 inches in length. This eel has been in our collection at the Aquarium Science Program in Newport, OR for almost 3 years after adoption from a local family. We have another snowflake  in our facility so we need to rehome this one to make room for other animals.

It will need a 75-100 gallon aquarium with a tight fitting lid to prevent escape. Please do the research to see if this animal is compatible with your collection. They are predators, small fish and crustaceans are not good tank mates. The eel currently eats a diet of shrimp, clam, and silversides and is stick fed. We will include the hollow rock ornament that has been the eel’s home for many years.

I do not want to ship this animal but would consider driving a reasonable distance to meet someone.


To discuss details please email LarryBoles@oregoncoast.edu


snowflake2.JPGsnowflake1.JPGLarry Boles

Aquarium Science Program

Oregon Coast Community College

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