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Mighty Putty? same as epoxy stuff?

Guest Mbeef61

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If it's made of the same material as the stuff Home Depot sells, no, it's around $3-8 depending on what size you buy. Funny commercial though. If things stay put, definitely let us know. I really doubt you can pull a semi truck with the stuff though, my frags fall off with a slight bump.

I can't remember the brand I had bought at HD; think it was Oatey?



Comparing price on Cyanoacrylate, the BSI superglue in a .7 oz tube is up to $12/13 at LFS, when the local hobby store sells the exact tube for $6. Hmmm, wonder if Michaels carries superglue gel.


On a side note, I've always wondered if anyone has used Gorilla glue for underwater fragging so I did some digging and says to not get into local waters, has some toxicity to fish :( They do make Cyanoacrylate too though, but don't know price.

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wonder if Michaels carries superglue gel.


They do, but it is expensive. I think it was like $3 or $4 for a package of 3 small tubes. I did not see a large tube


The best place that I found superglue gel was at the dollar tree... three small tubes for $1. They are the same brand/size that I have seen at a LFS for $0.50 a tube.


I have found that the small tubes are better for me, because the tip usually clogs up before I get done using the tube.



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The stuff at Home Depot is called Aquamend in the paint section. Very cheap, like 2 something and works great! It held 2 big pieces of ceramic together where one was on top the other. I even held it in the air by the top piece. Strong as cement.

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Needed to get on this wagon. Bought some PC marine epoxy...the kind that comes in a roll of clay like substance-green on the outside and white on the inside. I have been battling an exterior leak in one of my bulk heads since I put the tank up...it cracked and even an immense supply of silicon did not hold back the tiny drip, drip. I stripped all of the old stuff off and put this junk around it. It sealed the leak instantly, but it kind of stinks while it is being molded. I want to use something to stick my rocks together but worry about the marine life. Brandon once told me of something he used, but I can't remember now...


Let me know.



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The PC epoxy (green on the outside and whit in the middle) will work in the tank just fine. I have used it to glue frags, rocks and all sorts of stuff down with no ill effects.


As for who is on the board and gone who cares there is no drama to be had.

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