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FREE 40 Breeder - damaged


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I bought a brand new 40 breeder and like an idiot tried to drill my first hole on it. The saw kind of skid and damaged the rear glass panel. I would recommend replacing the entire panel or if you are creative maybe you can fit a huge bulkhead on there or something ;)



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oh man I feel like such an idiot posting this but here it is:




you can probably fit a 2" sch 80 bulkhead there if you wanted and were careful not to let it skid while drilling!


pledosophy & crabs yes I glued everything was that overkill? Now that I think about it that probably was since there is only 100 gph running through each drain.

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I don't know, but to me that doens't look too bad. How far did it etch in to the glass? Doesn't appear to be cracked. I would just drill a hole somewhere else and avoid that area.


I think that's why people use a template to drill holes instead of just freehanding it. They make it out of wood and have slots so cool water can go in and out.


About the gluing, I did it for my drain. Just friction fitting was not enough to prevent salt creep from forming.

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it's deep enough where the hole SHOULD be that I would definitely continue drilling through that hole at least. the rest of the "etching" is not too bad it's thinner there but will hold water, but personally I would not feel comfortable having it full of water especially with rocks leaning against it but that's just me - I paranoid about glass tanks in general and prefer acrylic.


the next time I did use a guide - what a difference LOL

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