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Reef Octopus OCTO WC140 6" Waste Collector - Brand new - $50


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I never got around to setting this up in my planned tank upgrade that never happened..... It's brand new and has been sitting in my garage for 5 years. List price was $284, Your for only $50 FIRM. Description:


With the OCTO WC140 6" Waste Collector you can put an end to smelly collections of skimmate while providing a safety net in the chance that your skimmer overflows.

Just plug your skimmer pump into the included Reef Octopus Protein Skimmer Delay Timer. The Delay Timer will turn off the skimmer pump if the Collector is overflowing (the rising level will trip the float sensor). After power outages it will also delay turning on the pump for five minutes to allow the water levels to settle—preventing skimmer overflows.

  • Requires 15/32" tubing. Drain tubing sold separately.
  • Removable carbon filter cup. Carbon will eliminate the smell of skimmate. Carbon not included.
  • Holds approximately 145 oz / 4300 ml of collection
  • Great for external skimmers
  • Height: 21.75"; footprint: 8.3" x 8.3"; input height: 16

Pickup is in Tigard/Bull Mountain. Please PM me if interested. 

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