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Props to Upscales


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I just wanted to give Upscales props for actually having their salinity at 1.026. I think this is the first time EVER that I've tested LFS water and had the salinity correct or even close. Many times it's down below 1.020 and it's just harsh on the livestock trying to acclimate. Thumbs up!

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I thought the low salinity was on purpose' date=' to help prevent parasitic infections.[/quote']


It hardly 'prevents' infections, it more just limits. Its also TERRIBLY hard on livestock to go from 1.020 to 1.026. They say you should only subdue livestock to changes of SG by .002 a day. So even if you drip acclimate them for 5 hours your putting them through an incredibly stressful situation. Def. props if they keep their SG that high.

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I know its not easy, constantly bagging and having to top off and maintain the salinity. But in the end it's really much easier for customers and livestock. I don't have a quarantine tank or room for one and it's impossible for me to acclimate any longer than 2 hours. It's my belief that I've lost a ton of livestock due to poor salinity numbers at LFS.


It doesnt do any good to run low salinity to prevent disease only to lose livestock trying to acclimate back to normal salinity.

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