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Cure for Monti Nudi's and Zoa/paly Nudi's


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Yep found one but would only use this guy in a QT system it's a Aurgia B-fly I had a trade come in and glad i had put in QT well i noticed the nudi's well i diped and so on trying diffrent methods to rid them but to no aval.Anyways during that time i had apatasia's going in the same tank so I bought a Aurgia to rid the system of them well to my surprise it took care of the nudi's as well.Well after a bit of time in that tray to make sure it had goten any babys as well i noticed in my other tray that a few paly colonys that were being QT had nudi's also one was crawling with them.Anyways i moved B-fly to that QT tray and by next day were gone now he'll stay in there for a month.So this guy works but wouldnt recommend to put in display unless a last resort as they are coral eaters and nippers.

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many of the auriga BF are reef safe. I have seen threads on RC of people putting them in there show to aid aiptasia. They were big systems however' date=' so it may be they just dont do enough damage to any one coral.[/quote']


I do believe they'd be ok in systems larger then 200 gal that are full of corals as there would just be minor attacks due to lots to pick from but I would assume clams may not be safe, I also would be curious to if mines one in a million but im assuming not ill be getting one for each tray in the QT after the new year so ill let you know.

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