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Want to Trade Icecap Controller/ Corals


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I won this at the Party, Brand new Icecap Programmable Digital Timer.I allready

have my timers for my tanks so this is for trade. Also have a couple frags of Tubbs Blue

Zoa's and one awesome Red Zoa's.Mainly want to trade for bigger LPS but will consider

offers for nice Softies or SPS.Please PM .




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I have large piece green hydnaforia, large toadstool, anthelia, frogspawn, torch coral and some hammer coral if you interesed, My mom is coming up for xmas to me in tacoma and will be going back home to troutdale xmas day if you want to make an exchange with here. YOU 2 could meet and get the corals in exhcnage for what ya got. Let me know what you would like and I can get it ready

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