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Rose City Aquarium


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You guys deserve a huge shout out. Thanks for those amazing anthias today, as well as the echino and acan. They look amazing with my lighting. The Anthias were so easy, they took some flake already when I fed it to the other fish to calm them down a bit. Awesome! (clap)


It was nice to see those tamarind wrasses go out the door before me :) Those were some nice and extremely well priced fish!

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Rose City is a wonderful place to go for healthy and vibrant fish/corals. They always have a large selection when I go into the store and their tanks are always very well kept. I frequent that store very often and am comfortable in knowing that I am going home with healthy specimens to add to our system. Keep up the wonderful work guys (oh by the way did you all know they're under new ownership now?)




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Thanks for the great words! We are sizing down some of our freshwater tanks, but we will still have rare freshwater fish that other freshwater stores don't carry. We set up two flat tanks for frags that will be up and running this week. We have fish and corals coming in every week. We have alot more drygoods coming in the next few weeks. Steve is working in the shop making stands, canopies, and acrylic tanks. He's great with electrical lighting and plumbing problems. Bring in your broken equipment if you need it fixed. Our shop in the back is up and running. Bryan's very knowledgeable and has been working sales for the last couple of months. We will be setting up our display tank in the next couple of weeks. Jay is still around helping at the shop. Let me know if there is anything anybody is looking for? We have access to a wide number of vendors from across the world. We want to provide you with excellent quality fish and corals for great prices. Thanks for checking us out!


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