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"X-MAS PARTY" How was it


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Christmas Party


It was cool except that Pat from PFOs presentation on LED hoods made me feel slightly inadequate :D

There were some good prizes and frags to be had. If you like DTs food then it was the place to be for sure...I think everyone walked out of there with far more phyto than they brought.

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I did not bring a camera, I figured everyone else would. :D The new PFO LED lights look good, if they where about 50% less I would be buying, however the fixture for my tank would run $4018 little more than I have in the fish budget for the year.

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Yow well im sure in time they'll come down I wish I'd ben there to see it i'll try to get my bud ray that just opened a store(REEF TECH) down here to get one so I can check them out also another reason for some of you to make the trek down his store once finished will be right there with some of top stores ive visited up there if not better.He's the one who's built most of my stuff tank wise so his store is pretty trick and you can also visit me lol

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A stop at Saltwater Fanta-Seas to pick up donations before the PNWMAS Christmas Party. Thanks again Patrick!




Waiting for things to get started at JJ North's Grand Buffet!



Are we having fun yet???



Finally getting started...



PNWMAS President, Jay Payne did an awesome job as auctioneer at our Frag Auction!



Our Guest Speaker, Pat Ormiston from PFO Lighting, gave a great presentation on aquarium lighting - with emphasis on the new LED systems.






Brandy Bicknell, our Secretary/Treasurer, hard at work.


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