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Sweeper Tenticals?


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Some do some don't, it depends on the species. You can usually tell watching them if they have them, if it does not look like it check it at night. I have one but it does not have sweepers, the thinner polyp type seem to be the ones that have the sweepers that I notice. Especially the brother coral the torch.

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I keep three FS in my 75g. But they are all near each other, and not near anything else. I have not seen any "long" sweepers come off any of them.


The coral that I have seen long sweepers come from is the torch coral. The one I have has tentacles that reach up to 6 inches long. It is not as bad as a hydnophora, but it did sting one of my candy cane heads. :(



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If you put a coral near the frogspawn and the frogspawn senses it is to close either by touching it or perhaps by its chemicals it produces the frogspawn,Torch or whatever will grow/extend its sweepers to sting the offending coral. I have personally seen this happen in my tank many times. With my big torch I had sweepers that were 6 inches longer then the regular tenticles. You can see the sweepers extended in these photos. Once the sweepers touch another coral the coral will make more sweepers with bigger stinging nemocysts on the tips. I no longer have this torch because it was killing my other corals. I needed more room in my tank so he got sold. Actually I dont have any torches anymore. They just grow to big and take up to much room in my small 120 gallon tank. As it is I wish I had done a 280 gallon peninsula type tank rather then the 120 cube. Mabey next tank upgrade I will do it right....If I upgrade again.


These are my observations and hope they help you Defigard












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