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Hello and welcome to the site!!! How about you tell us about your tank and don't forget to include pictures!!!! :D



Our next meeting is at Saltwater Fantasea's in Portland

February's meeting is at Coral Reef Pet Center in Salem.


If you would like to have invites sent to you each month contact John Manrow via pm and give him your email address. His Screen name is Jmanrow.

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Hi Brandy,


My name is Kevin and I am new to this hobby. I live in Albany and I am looking for someone who lives close that would be willing to advise me as to how to set up my tank.


I purchased a from one of the members of PNWMAS a 90 GAL tank with cabinet and two custom hoods a year ago. What I am needing help with is advise on final purchases for a sump, heater, live sand and live rock.


I am not looking to rush the set up, I am just wanting to get water in it to cycle my rock and sand and then add stock maybe in 90 days or so.


My email address is kevchrismccarthy@msn.com so please feel free to contact me at this address. If you know of any live sand or base and live rock that is around I am interested. I am also interested in quality pre owned equipment for the right price from someone that is looking to upgrade.





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Welcome to PNWMAS Kevin and Reefnoob....As for Reefnoob you can pm me anytime for info and if you need to chat pm me and I'm happy to drop you my number, myself and a lot of others are here in Eugene are happy to lend a hand anytime.


Kevin, same goes to you, drop a line if you need help with that new setup, do your research and good luck in a very fun and rewarding hobby.

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