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So the tank has been up and running for a week or so now and things are running smooth as butter, with the exception of my skimmer being retarded and not making bubbles, I think I'll just replace it and my Kole Tang trying to beat everybody up "mostly the pigmy angel". We ended up having to move the nano that was housing some my fish so instead of taking them from tank to tank and causing more stress than needed I decided to go ahead and put them into the 120 a little earlier than expected. I don't see the tank going through much of a cycle since the live rock, most all of the substrate part of the water are from other well established tanks in the house. I've been testing water everyday just to make sure noting decides to randomly spike on me.


Anyways enough yip yap... here's a few pictures I snapped off. The picture quality kind of sucks, I consider myself a pretty accomplished photographer but shooting fish in tanks is harder than I thought, I should probably spend a little more than 5 min taking pictures.



















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Weird, I know the images and the tags are correct... You can right click on where the pic should be and open it in a new window... at least I can on both of my Mac's. Maybe a mod can help out here, cause the hosting is fine from Imageshack. I'm clueless as to why they aren't working in the thread.


Ron its really weird, its a berlin and the pump with the fitting blows plenty of bubbles into my sump when it's disconnected from the skimmer, but once I hook it up to the skimmer it just pumps water through the skimmer and the suction on the air hose stops... Again, I'm clueless. I tested it out in the kitchen sink and its pulling air and blowing bubbles when I had it in there, but nothing in the tank...

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Pulled the skimmer out today set it back up in the sink and it seemed to be working fine. So I set it back up in the sump and it's skimming away. The returns from the skimmer seems to have a lot of micro bubbles returning to the sump but I'm not really seeing any in the tank its self. So I guess thats nice.


Soon enough I'll need to upgrade the skimmer cause I've read what seems to be nothing but bad things about the Berlin's but a so so skimmer is better than no skimmer at all right now.


Thank you again to David for the awesome deal on the tank and thank you to Doran from the fish tank people for the RO, without the two of you I'd still be wishing I had a tank of my own up and running. Now I do =)

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