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We have given away an Mp40! Raffled some choice items off had a photo contest !! But wait there is more !! :clap::yahoo:

Coming soon to a forum near you is another Cuttlefish group buy! Those of you who have done these know you won’t be disappointed! It’s your time to get a high end coral at a bargain price !!

You have to be a supporting member to get in on this deal and there are only a few spots.

When: Monday September 21 at 7 and 7:30

What: high end sps coral and lps coral

Who: Supporting members only 😎

More details coming soon!!

Heres is how to become a supporting member :




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Just a reminder Cuttlefish group buy will be posted tomorrow at 7 and 7:30pm. There will be 6 spots 2 corals one LPS and one SPS.

Remember! You must be a supporting member to participate:


Here are the rules :readthis:

Group buy rules:

  1. Post in this thread if you want the coral
  2. First six people to post get the coral 
  3. The rest go on the alternate level 
  4. Payment due 48 hours later.  If you do not pay by  this date the coral will go to the alternate.
  5. You must pick up the coral by 10-5 (2 weeks). If you do not then you have just donated your coral.


These have been fragged for several weeks and are well healed and looking good. 

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