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Prepared Saltwater Storage


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So 2 weeks ago I mixed up some saltwater for a water change and changed some water in my tank. There was about 20 gallons left in the barrel. I have not been running a powerhead in it and its lid was not on. Is this water still ok to use for a water change? Perhaps if I put a pump and piece of liverock in it for a day to mix? Hate to throw it out.



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If it was in an area that is relatively clean (not in kitchen or laundry room... detergent would be bad), I would not worry about it. Check the salinity (change due to evaporation), and get some current (powerhead or airstone), and air (venturi on the PH or airstone) for a little while, and you should be OK.


I also hate to "waste water." Especially since we pay so much for it.



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