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The 140 Gallon Is Running


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I started this saga in february and last week I was finally able to add some fish and corals.



Here is the tank after one month of cycling.



Here is the tank after two months of cycling.



My first two fish. A blue angelfish named agave after the blue agave tequila cactus and a royal gramma basslet named twofer... Two colors for one.


Tank Stats:

140 gallon in wall acrylic aquarium 72x18x24

50 gallon aquarium converted into a 3 chamber sump

Dolphin Amp Master 3700S Pump for closed loop

Blue Line 40 Aqua Pump for the sump return

Oceans Motion 4-way for alternating current in the closed loop

Lighting is not yet up to snuff - 2 X 175 MH - I plan on 2 x 400 watt MH with Actinics VHO but I really want to win the lottery so I can get LEDs

I still need a skimmer and calcium reactor

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Blue Angel


Thanks Michael.


I have to admit I did not think enough about the angel eating my corals. It is small but I plan on it getting very large one day. So far it eats everything I put in. Formula 1 and 2, mysis, and flake. I really hope it works out because it is a beautiful and very friendly fish but over time I want the corals to take center stage.



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