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misc. equipment and some corals


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Ive been working on a set-up as a replacement for my 72 bow, but it just isnt coming together the way i want it to. So now im looking to get an all-in-one nano instead. trying to clear some stuff out and earn some extra cash for my new set-up. dont have any pics yet, but can get them on request.

heres the equip...

prism skimmer i think rated for 100 gallons, but wouldnt put it on anything more than 40. $30

skilter filter 250. skimmer and mechanical filter for up to 55 gallons. $25

little giant 1325gph magnetic drive pump. bought used and has worked great for about 6 mo. $100

aqua logic bare-bones chiller(has no outer housing) i think its a 1/5 hp, but i have never needed a chiller since i run t-5 lights. also has a medusa controller with it. $200

pacific coast rps1000 skimmer. brand new, never used with recirc pump. $150


and the live stuff...

one rock, about raquetball sized, with two toadstool leathers(one med and one small) with some brown palys $30

one rock, about softball sized, with gsp, white xenia(not pom-pom, but does open and close) and a med. feather duster. $25

a couple pieces about 2x3 of monti cap. under halides is bright pink, but under t-5s turns more orange. $15

golfball sized orange brain with green center. not sure of what type, but has small polyps and is easy to care for $15

3" neon damsel $5


also have a 5 gallon drilled on back upper right $10, a 10 gallon drilled on back wall upper right $15, and a 37 tall with 5 holes drilled $35


please pm me with inquarrys, or feel free to post here.


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