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I am very happy to find a local forum and club. I live in Troutdale and have had my tank for two years now and it seems to be doing well, but I always have a lot of questions. I still consider myself a newbie --there's so much to learn about this hobby. I have been a frequent visitor at Upscales and have purchased most of my corals there, they have been very helpful. I am also glad to see several posts about inwall setups. My tank is inwall which has produced some special challenges for me. Here are the details about my tank, I will try to take some pics but I'm challenged in that category.


AG 120 gal, Mega Flow twin Overflow4 Sump,Coralife Super Skimmer(220 gallon),120 lbs. of Live Fiji Rock, Pondmaster 1800 gph pump, 4-48" VHO T12 (2 Artic White, 2 Acitinic Blue), 2 Hydor Koralia 4 pumps, Coralife 50 gal/day RO/DI, top off system


scarlet hermit crabs, blueleg hermit crabs, emerald crabs, queen conch, turbo snails, astrea snails, cleaner shrimp, coral banded shrimp, purple tang, clarkii clowns, golden headed sleeper goby, foxface rabbitfish, naso tang, flame hawkfish

green star polyps, sun coral, candy cane coral, green zoos, mushrooms, BTA, Brain coral,

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