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My DIY Aquacontroller Interface


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I bought an Aquacontroller Jr. a while back with the intent of making my own software for it. I've been working for a couple weeks or so, and well, here's version 0.0001 alpha. (Yes I've probably wasted more than $75 worth of my time trying to avoid buying a $75 program from neptune :) )


I'm not a software person at all. This is my first perl script, first MySQL database, and my first php code ever. I'm sure it's horribly inefficient and I'm a little embarrassed of it, but maybe some day someone who's good at that stuff can help it improve.


Technically this should run on any LAMP server (Linux Apache MySQL Perl/PHP) and that should include any of the linksys type routers with a serial port that are capable of running linux.


I'll work on cleaning up the code a little bit and I'll post it up for tech savvy types to try out if they're interested.


Right now I'm running just a basic Ubuntu install on a Virtual Machine in my computer at work. Nothing fancy is needed aside from perl, php, mysql, and apache along with a couple perl modules from cpan.


Here are some screenshots of the progress to this point; the readings are not really my tank. The pH probe is disconnected and the temperature readings are of the floor of my office but you get the idea.


These pics will enlarge if you click on them.







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sounds cool, I have a linksys and wireless, how would you plug wirelessly into linksys? A rs232 wireless adapter?


Let me rephrase that... I assume you need a wireless type controller that plugs into the Jr? not rs232, thats the linksys side...

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Well if it helps you need to come get your salt to, or I am going to start charging you a storage fee for all the corals and the salt. My going rate is $5 a day and the interest will be compounded at 12% a month.... LOL


Take your time...

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There is a thread at RC that shows exactly how to hook this controller up to a wireless router





There you go boys.


Unfortunately, that thread isn't what we're talking about... I have read it several times as I was originally going to build my. The RC thread is about building your own controller using the Dallas One Wire interface and file system, and this is about using the linksys to interface an existing controller.

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