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Red Sea / Parts / Coralline Front Glass Seal Invasion

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I own a Red Sea Max E-260.   These models have a glass screen that sits upon the length of the rear tank wall (before the rear sump) that is meant to block the view of the skimmer and prevent light causing algae in the skimmer, etc.  On both of the tank sides there are two glued on plastic clips that the screen clips into to hold the screen in place and allow it to swivel forward for maintenance.  Regardless of the swivel feature, often for maintenance the glass screen needs to be removed.  Well, Red Sea designed the plastic horseshoe like clip pretty darn tight as far as snapping the glass screen out of the clip when needed.  And, of course you might have guessed, one of the clips broke and I am finding the adhesive on the other clip was either not well done or it is just failing as that clip is lifting up when removal of the screen is needed.   

I contacted Red Sea U.S.A. to obtain replacement clips.   To my dismay, I was told replacements do not exist as they are only produced on a per tank for new tanks basis.  The offered solution to me was to purchase a new tank.   I will forego screaming out my opinion of an aquarium manufacturer, of such a purported caliber, that cannot provide replacements for small plastic parts so essential for such a product.

Also, as I will be tearing the tank down for moving to a new room soon and can work on it, coralline is slowly working its way under the adhesive for the front glass to side glass panels.  It does not appear to have worked past where the side glass meets the front glass, but under where the over-run of the adhesive sticks out onto the front glass slightly past where it meets the side panel glass.   I find myself looking at it concerned about what if the coralline should start to work deeper into between the front glass and side panel glass meet and endanger the seal.  I have thoughts of attempting to clean it up best possible and add sealant a bit down the sides while the tank is torn down for movement.   I was wondering what thoughts other forum members might have about it?




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