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Coral Bleaching/Death


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This has been going on for a few weeks. It started early this year, went away...


I added some sps in October, was doing great. Tank is coming back from neglect, and is in pristine conditions now. LPS has been recovering like mad.


The first monti I added has been doing great, holding color, polyps extended. A few weeks later, I added two more colonies, one that already had some miscoloration going on, the other with perfect color. After three days, the discolored one was completely bleached out. The lime green one faded until yesterday it was a gonner. Plus, I lost a acro. I have three frags of millis that are doing great, huge polyps and everything, until two days ago, polyps havnt been as far out and color is now starting to go. A blastmussa has been more apt to retracting lately as well.


There is no algae, all cyano growth is minimal and located in 100 gallon refugium. All stats are perfect, have been for over a month. This is getting the point of neverending frustration.


Any ideas?

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Run carbon if your not already. Have you painted your room? What salt do you use? What exactly are your Cal, Alk, Mag, Nitrates and phosphates? Have you been doing water changes to try to stabalize/balance your system? Whats your PH and temp? How much does the temp and ph swing from day to night? Did you have a cucumber in your tank that has went missing? Anything missing? Snails are they alive?


This is a start to help us help you. Please also post your total gallons in your system as well as method of mechanical filtration. Have lots of liverock? Good current everywhere? Live sand?....how deep/what kind of sand?


Anyone else think of a question I have not asked for starters?



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