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WTS 92 Gal corner bowfront reef tank w/all the trimmings


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Located in NE Portland

After 12 years, we're getting out of reef keeping.

$1500 would take the whole setup. We'll be happy to sell things off individually, once someone buys the tank and contents! Please make offers and ask for pictures!


For quickest response you can email me via gregor@monkeybites.com

This forum doesn't like my image links, but you can see images here:




Live Rock/sand --- $3/Lb

92 gal bowfront corner tank with built-in overflow and cabinet --- $600

20 gal sump W/Top-off --- $125

Custom Sealife T4 (Z7840) return pump --- $75

Aqua-C EV-150? skimmer with collecion cup and pump --- $300

K2R (Advanced Reef Tech) Calcium reactor w/regulator --- $200

Power Compact 2 x 96 Watt lighting with ABS hood. --- $150

Aqua Logic 1/5 HP chiller (Drop-in) --- $400

Medusa temp controller --- $90

American Marine PH probe --- $45

Reverse Osmosis water filter (3 canister) --- $125



The last occupant was an octopus who made a bit of a mess of the place, and now we've neglected it for a couple of months. The equipment, however is still in good shape.

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