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Rent me your RO!


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So I feel like a total lame *** even asking this but maybe someone will come through. Being Christmas time I've found myself broke as a joke between buying x-mas presents and getting this tank ready.


So... Would anyone be willing to rent me your RO for a few days to get my tank up and running? It's pretty pathetic I can't afford the 150 + gallons of water "buying it from the LFS" I need to get my tank cycling.


So, if anyone has a good sized RO they would be willing to rent me or even let me borrow for a few days you would be a life saver!


Thanks for taking the time to even read this.



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Some may not agree with me here, but if your just cycling tap water will be fine. RODI ideally, but in your position I wouldnt hesitate to use tap water. The biggest reason they say to stay away from tap is it causes aglae blooms, but since you are cycling you will suffer then regardless. If you use RODI for water changes there after, everything will be fine. Not to mention we have some of the best tap water around :).

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Probably be ok. Agreed he is going to have algae issues and nitrites/trates. If RO is available use it. The only thing I could think would be bad is the phosphates and other metals that might adhere to the rock and sand but I started with tap water and everything ok. Well accept I still struggle with keeping sps corals really bright but that seems to be improving in my tank. Is improving in my tank : ). If you really want RO water I guess I can make up 55 gallons and pump it into your containers for you. You would need to bring the containers to my house to fill them. Perhaps someone else will join me in offering to make him water to help him kick off his tank right. Ive been there without extra money....many times.



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Jay, Thank you for the offer. Everyone around here is so nice, I'm really so happy I stumbled across PNWMAS!


Doran from The Fish Tank People actually offered to let me borrow his 100 gpd Ro so it's looking like I'll set the tank up on Wednesday or Thursday and start filling! The hardwood floors are almost finished in the house!


I'm so excited to get this tank up and running! I've had live rock sitting for weeks in tubs with pumps, a mixture of sugar sand and 20# live sand. I'm thinking I'll run one of the dirty filter bags from our in wall tank and take a little substrate from the nano and the in wall to help speed up the process of the tank.


Hopefully things will move along well and I'll be able to start adding my fish soon enough.


Thank you again to Doran,

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