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Flow advice? Placing power heads, setting intensity...


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I'd like to try to set up my flow as close to "ideal" as possible before I start adding corals to my 4'x2'x2' tank, and could use some pointers!

I know the first tip is going to be "watch how your corals respond" but I don't have any, sooo.... 😛 I intend this to be a mixed reef, eventually sps heavy.


I have 2x MP40wqd running off the Apex WXM module, and a Redsea Reefwave 45.

The left MP40 is set about as far forward and low as possible - to keep detritus from settling on the sand and create flow low in front of the rocks.

The right MP40 is in the middle (just in front of the rocks), and about as high as it can probably go.

The Reefwave 45 is creating a (random mode) sheet along the back glass and behind the rocks.


What do you think of this pump placement, and how would you program the pumps?


Attached is my apex profile for the right MP40.  The left MP40 is doing basically the same (anti-sync when appropriate) at a lower intensity to prevent kicking up sand.


I guess my biggest question right now - there's very little surface agitation with the pumps set like this, unless the right mp40 is running at fairly high power...is this fine?  The surface on the left side is usually super still.


Video tour:






Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 9.47.28 AM.png

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