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Sad news from Vanuatu.


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Yesterday the two Phillipeno divers (brothers) that I went collecting with were diving with rebreathers to a depth of 250 feet. One of them after switching to his dual tank system so he could dive deeper, and had what is believed to be a heart attack and died. His brother was with him at the time of his death, said he "freaked out" and died very quickly.


To me it seems to be it would be more likely involving nitrogen absorbtion (decompression sickness) or something. These guys regularly dive to 300 feet and when I questioned what they were doing, the manager said "ya these guys are "bent" 5-6 days a week".


All of this following the death of a Tongan diver (not in Vanuatu, but owned by the same company) about 4-5 weeks ago.


Yet we question the cost of fish. These people risk there lives for the tiny dollars they make granted, they are making way more than the average Ne-van (native vanuatu person). The divers in Vanuatu make $15 per day, plus bonuses for some fish, which is why they dive to the depth they do. They do it to earn the bonuses. They also get free lodging.


At any rate, it makes me very said to have lost an amazing diver, whom I just met.


I was going to post a picture of him, but I only have photos of the back of his head.



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That really sucks. I work with a Ne-Van who was an outboard mechanic in Vanuatu before he moved to the U.S. He said he made 15.00 dollars a day. I asked him why he would want to come to the United States and leave such a beautiful chain of islands? Of course it is because their is very little work and money for the locals. Hey Joel did you get a opportunity to go to the fresh water lake with the Jellies? Only place in the world like that.

Sorry to hear about the accident. It puts into perspective what the collectors go through to get the animals to the end user. I had no idea they dove that deep to get fish. I'll never look at my pair of Vanuatu Tomato clowns the same. Makes me appriceate them more then ever.

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No I don't. I just remember seeing it on Survivor Vanuatu. Someone won a reward and got to go to diveing in that lake. Looked like a really beautiful and unique ecosystem. I remember them saying the Jellies are harmless because of adapting to the fresh water.

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I am sorry to hear Joel. I wonder if he got narced (nitrogen narcoses) and that may have contributed to the panic attack. It is unfortunate. these guys on the rebreathers are nuts because they usually don't get a chance to decompress fully because they are running for the surface. Sorry to hear.

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