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Coral frags available at XMAS party including purple bonsai


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I am looking to raise money to get a new skimmer for a nano tank I have in my office

I am planning on making the trip up to the X-Mas party and would like to complete all exchanges there if possible, cash or paypal in advance, SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. I am also happy to do some trading if you have something interesting of like size (please PM and keep conversation off my sale page if possible). Expect all frags to be 1" or more unless otherwise described. I will send pic of Garf style frags at request (size varies).


I am going to post pics of colonies, frag sizes are negotiable




First I have 4 frags of Garf style purple bonsai, here is a pic of one of the frags and the colony, There are two large frags $40 and two small $20






Another Purple Bonsai (old picture) $20






See also the bonsai in the back upper left of this picture, yet another purple bonsai






I think there is about 3 frags of this available (there are two pictures to show color) $20








Zoanthids 10 for $20



ORA blue scripps (I could not find a pic, but can provide if interested) $15






Found the pic:






Roughly 3/4" x 3/4" of Pink Enchinopora $20






3/4" x 3/4" Green Enchinopora $20






Tri-color acro $20








Rose Mille, I cant quite get it to color up yet but its getting there, tips get a irredecent red $12







Ricordia yuma Aprox 1-3/4"-2" $15






Rainbow Palys $20 I will shoot for 5 polyps but may be more these guys are big (1/2" round)






Candy cane $20 (8 heads or maybe more)





Pink Finger leather 2" or so... $15

I could not find pic so found one on the web



I also have some frags of Orange Monti capricornus, free while available to purchasers.


Thanks for looking, and see you at x-mas bash! Look forward to seeing some old friends, Happy Holidays!

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you got pm, all GARF style bonsai sold, I still have regular purple (two other types) will do $20 for a nice frag)

Candy Cane all Sold

1 of 2 Yuma sold

1 of 2 10 for $20 zoanthid sold

1 pink enchino sold (lots left)

1 green enchino sold (lots left)

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Yumas all gone


I have a 3.5" - 4" scripps milli that needs to go too, same price, I counted and there is 5 of these in my tank, Im donating one and selling/trading another

Blue tips, white polyps, and brown to dark blue body.... Anybody? $15 or trade


The tri color frag is about 2" long and well... tons of starts. still $20 or trade or make offer on colony


Possibility of one frag of bonsai available due to someone not making meeting, again trade or $20 if available


Enchinos still left, I am fragging them this weekend


The fourth pic down has a rock fully encrusted with Scripps and Bonsai, cut and grow two, $15


Im open to zoo trade, lps, acan, favias....whatever. Help me clean house.

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