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HQI / T5 Lights


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I have a Maristar light hood and Galaxy Ballast for sale. I also have two double ended HQI bulbs. Here are the details

1. The Maristar hood. I only used this for three or four months. I used them sparingly as they were way too bright for my tank. Maybe six hours a day. The hood accommodates 2X250 double ended HQI bulbs and 2X54 watt T5 bulbs. The hood is in very good condition. You will need your own hanging system. http://www.specialty-lights.com/maristar4.html This link will take you to the website where I purchased the hood. I paid $700. I will sell it for $550.

2. The Galaxy Ballast. I used this ballast for the same three or four month period and only used it for six hours a day. This is a nice ballast. http://www.specialty-lights.com/902495.html This link should take you to the website where I purchased the ballast and give you all the essential information. I paid $300. I will sell it for $225.

3. The Bulbs. I have two Ushio 14K 250 Watt double ended bulbs. They were only used for a couple months and burned for six hours a day. I used these less then the hood and ballast because I started off with 10K and wanted to try 14K. Still way too bright for my needs. I paid $150. I will sell them for $100.

Not a bad deal overall. All you would need to complete the set up is a couple T5s and a hanging system. My name is Rick and I live in Eugene Oregon. You can email me at rscovi@hotmail.com or call me at 541-685-2677. Thanks.



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