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Cursed Ich?


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I know there is another active thread about ich, but this is along a different line...

My second (and last) fish died today, presumably from the ich that got it last weekend. I was gathering the gear to build a QT tank, but I guess it's moot now.

Anyway, I'm looking at the walls of my tank and they are covered (veritably, thousands) with tiny tiny roundish worm-like things. Is this the ich parasite? They haven't should up (that I've noticed) until today. If it is, will perish with no more fish to kill? I have corals and two BTA's, but I don't think it will affect them, right?

Any ideas?

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I do have some mini fan worms, but these fellas are wiggly and quite mobile. Your classic biology parasite in appearance. I guess they could be some kind of 'pod, but why am I just now seeing them?


It's likely that your fish were eating them and keeping the numbers down.

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