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Christmas party Auction frag's


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I have 4 zoo frags that I want to get rid of. I will put them in the auction if we have one at the Christmas party . If there end's up not being one then I guess I'll have to do something else.


(#1) Blue tub's zoo on LR rubble. 8+ polyp's

Original rare and Classic


(#2) Blue tub's zoo on plug. 4+ polyp's

Original rare and Classic


(#3) Close to Fire in Sky/Fire & Ice.Pretty Rare variety 10+ poyps

Haven't seen these color combo's anywere.Red fringe

Pinkish/Red center. Awesome under atinics


(#4) Multi-Combo rock

Green fringe/green centers zoo's 15+polyps

Red Fire in sky varient zoo's 3 polyps

Greenish tan zoo's 6+ polyps

neon green mushroom 1 polyp






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