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Stunning 150 gallon Show Tank w/ Custom Maple Stand & Hood


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This show tank is constructed of 1” acrylic with a “euro-brace” design (i.e. top unobstructed and free of reinforcement cross braces). The thickness and insulating properties of this tank make it ideal for a “cold water” system. The maple stand and hood were custom built by F&C Cabinetry and would be a stunning furniture addition to any home. Both the stand and hood have doors on all sides to allow easy access to equipment, controllers, lighting, etc. I designed stand to allow for a 30 gallon black acrylic reservoir at tank level for gravity fed top off water so that you have a few day’s worth of make up from evaporation. The stand measures 39” tall bringing the tank up to an easy viewing height so that you don’t have to stoop down in order to see what’s going on at the bottom or in the gravel bed when you are looking for that entertaining gobi/pistol shrimp couple or hermit crab. I am also including both volumes of The Reef Aquarium by Sprung and Delbeek considered by many to be the “bible” for home reef keeping. These books retail for nearly $200 by themselves. I will also include a 30 gal sump, high end skimmer (your choice of a Euro Reef or recirculation skimmer), an Aqua Logic ½ hp chiller, some Sea swirls and a couple of Iwaki pumps for FREE!!!

Tank Dimensions = 2’W x 2’H x 5’ L, 150 gal constructed of 1” acrylic w/open top

Reservoir Dimensions = 2’W x 2’H x 1’L

Base Stand Dimensions = 2’W x 39”H x 6’ L

Hood Dimensions = 2’W x 15”H x 6’L

Overall Height of tank, stand and hood will be approximately 6’3”

This is an incredible bargain @ $2,500


You may email me at bennettis1@comcast.net and I will gladly email you a picture of the tank stand and hood.

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