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For those of us who are Post New Thread challenged???


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Hi all,


I was glad to find out about this local resource from one of the LFS guys. He had asked me to post info on my tank here but i seem to be thread challenged. Perhaps this is because I am a Proby???

I managed to post it on another site but dont know if it is bad form to simply link to it.

If someone could give me a bit of information on how to post photos that would be good or let me know if I can just link to the other topic.



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Welcome to the site!


Posting pics is easy once you get it down. First off you need to have a place to host them, such as photobucket.com or imageshack.us. These sites actually give you the tag to place photos into your threads. The tag looks like this:




Another way to post pics is to upload them as attachments to your post. You need to hit the Go Advanced button, and there you will see the same reply box with some additional options. The paperclip icon at the top will allow you to attach pictures. The downside to doing it this way is it takes longer, and you are limited to the size of pictures you can attach.


Good luck, let me know if I can be of anymore help.





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Thank you for the responses.

impur, I will see about getting the hosting site figured out and appreciate the point in the right direction.


dsoz, I am pretty sure I DID read that thread. Maybe it was dark at the time and my eyes had crossed, who knows. A while back a certain Mr. Ron Popeil referred me to your site, recently a Gent named Wes from Petco reminded me of this group and Dale at the Animal House in Corvallis mentioned this group as well i think.

Apparently I am no longer a proby and have been promoted to mighty TOAD FISH..... YYYYYYYEEEEAAAHHHHH!!!!

Toad Fish, love the sound of that it kinda rolls off a the tongue....Toad Fish!

In any case i hope to see you folks around as I am getting ready to start putting coral in the tank and may have a few questions.

THX again....EASY


P.S. dsoz thanks for teaching! My wife is an itinerant Autism Specialist for WESD and it is a rough gig.

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Ok so the tank looks like.....


Hi all,


One of the guys at the LFS asked me to provide some info/pics of my setup so here it is. Original construction of this system started in 2003. The system started to cycle in march 2004.


Image 1 is the main display...


The stand is home made from oak, I went a little bit crazy on it and am sure you could park a 3/4 ton pickup on it.

The water box is an All Glass 180 with home made stand pipes for outflow and 2 SQWD units for alternating inflow

Inside of the aquarium itself are 3 Seio 820 pumps for water movement and a 1000gph pump i had laying around (forget which maker)

Lighting system is mounted 6 inches above water surface and uses 3 250W HQI ushio 20k bulbs with 3 96W pc (2 pieces 50/50 1 piece actinic). Moon light is provided by 3 LED arrays.



There are 200 lbs of live rock in the main display and 150lbs of sand.

Assorted funky creatures hitchhiked their way into the system via the live rock and sand

5 yellow tang (avg 4")

2 regal tang (avg 6")

1 Koran angel (7") (sometimes I would like to spear fish this angel out of here cause he is a chronic nibbler)

6 blue damsel with yellow tail (itty bitty)

1 Yellow eye Kole tang (4" or so)

1 couple of other damsel fish that were meant to be eaten by previous inhabitants

2 Clown fish

15 assorted anemones

emerald and sally light foot crabs, banded and peppermint shrimps, some snails and a sea cucumber (donkey dung type).


DISCLAIMER: I am sure i missed a few things here and hope that the affected fish/invertebrates aren't too offended.


I haven't really added a whole lot of coral into this system YET since I have been convinced that the system has gone through a pretty large swing from original curing to various bacterial, algae colonies establishing etc... Their was the small matter of switching careers completely which set me back for a while also. I originally added some mushrooms and they were not happy so I backed off and waited a while (fast is only good if you don't have to start over).


At this point the system is stable (water parameters in nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia are all undetectable with a PH of 8.2 and sg of 1.024). The parameters have been just like this for maybe 2 and a half years.


Cooling is accomplished through the use of a 1 HP chiller (image 3)

The pump pictured there is the Barracuda by Reeflo (rated for 4800gph i think)


Now to the mess that is the filter room.....

FYI the wood beneath the fluid bed filter is not actually wet (there was a minor incident with turning on the water to the filter before it was properly sealed... HMMMMM!!!!).

it is a bit difficult to tell what is going on from this photo. The main display is plumbed through the wall to an under stairs closet where filtration takes place (with the exception of the rock and sand in the main display).

Water returns from the tank and is skimmed by an Aqua C EV240 with mag drive 18.

Then the water flows through bubble baffles into an algae bed.

Once through the algae bed the water runs through a sponge and another set of baffles.

The water is drawn off by the chiller pump in the sixth of seven chambers for the sump and returned to the system from the chiller in the seventh.

Water is drawn from the seventh chamber into the main system pump (Dolphin Ampmaster 4700) where it runs back into the main display and is also partially diverted to a Fluidized Bed Filter.

Water that has been diverted through the FB filter is up welled again through the center chamber of the sump past live rock rubble and through the algae bed again.

Hopefully this is a clearer view of what is going on in the sump (see image 4).

I think that covers most of it without any glaring omissions.


Best features: tremendous ability to handle bio-load. Lots of equipment fit into available space (sump room).

Worst feature: Lots of equipment fit into a small sump room. I wonder how the kids would feel about dividing one of their rooms for filtration???


Ok so seriously the lighting and in tank flow are listed above and I have recently acquired a tank raised frog spawn frag. Any suggestions on placement are welcome. Right now it is going to probably be placed low on the right of the display (less violent current with indirect lighting).









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Nice setup easynow! I would think that a tank would be stable after 2.5 years. If we all waited that long, most of us would give up. You have a lot of patience!


Glad to see that you are now posting, and getting involved with the club. Make sure you come to the December Christmas party. It will be in Portland, but you can probably find someone to ride with.



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Waiting for 2.5 years wasn't exactly optional. Learning patience wasn't optional either. As I briefly mentioned/glossed over in the tank description, there was a change of career involved. The career change was brought about by a car accident. So the intervening time was spent healing from the accident and paying close attention to guarantee a positive change rather than a long downward spiral.

As far as the Christmas party goes I will check with my social planner (Wife) and see what we are up to at that point.




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