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High Ends For Sale

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I have some high end corals for sale. PM please.

Sunburst Bounce. $150 OBO 20190525_083101.jpg

Frankenstein. $500 OBO        20190525_083120.jpg

Neptune Bounce $300 OBO  20190525_083207.jpg

Jersey Bounce $300 OBO     20190525_083220.jpg

Electus Mushroom $400 OBO  20190525_083234.jpg

Jawbreaker $250 OBO               20190525_083246.jpg

Indo Dragonsoul Torch 3 Heads $800 OBO20190525_083312.jpg

Pink Diamond 3 polyp $75 OBO                20190525_083350.jpg

Space Chaos 2 polyp +baby $325 OBO20190525_083551.jpg

Queen Strat 3 polyp $125 OBO 20190525_083619.jpg

Bitcoin Zoa 3 Polyp + baby $250 OBO20190525_083426.jpg

Badlands Zoa 6 Polyp $250 OBO   20190525_083518.jpg


Some zoas can be split into singles. Please PM. Thanks for looking.




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