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Zoas and some LPS for sale

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Ok guys it's time to make some room in my tank, I have lots of zoas and some lps that I need to frag.

All frags will be cut to order and then heald for 2 weeks for any interested party's.


Price will be per polyp but is alway negotiable. It seems like these are ok prices


Gobstobers $5

Fire and Ice $5

Pink Zippers $5

Hawaiian no names $5

Punk Rockers $5

No Names $5

Devils Armor $5

Captain America Polys $10

Scrambled Eggs $10

CNC Rainbows $10

Halle Berry $10

Rastas $10

TPA Green Galaxy $10

Sunrise Sakuras $10

JKR Crab Nebulas $10

Blue Hornets $10

CB Rainbow Infusion $15


These frags will be approximately 1"

Joker favia $30

Majestic grape favia $15

JF Funny Farm Lepto $15

Hulk Lepto $10

Golden dragon lepto $15


Blue Digi $10

Red monti cap $10


Pictures are for reference only except for the blue digi frag.577dcf8ea9bbc40d1ba3fe220936d0ee.jpg9d69cd9172eb38dd70b53e8600f2b5a8.jpg4a751223ee559a75f12b7f2f380fe3fd.jpg7c766cdf61334314fd8e3983009e0252.jpgf47d5becd29ea901c538504d9844a116.jpgfd26d7184fff0e39f9b653ec5c49041e.jpg7c5506af978e7649a14c77e8cc957111.jpg352e74edaf2f5ac81d1a1e8d82404618.jpg1b1d4745fc3202af2632a1a48c728b76.jpgb463ea71f0cb016145d37d6a836dc4f7.jpg26a9a5880c528dfe212e664136d402ff.jpg88ffd7d893617f779161123a3a650ff0.jpg1e0df3641cb6d2a63d66c27b50e4f5f8.jpg


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On 5/8/2019 at 12:45 PM, albertareef said:

Hey Brandon - is that the golden dragon lepto in that third pic down?  I wouldn't mind a piece of that and the grape favia at some point (lost mine in the "big crash").  No rush... maybe just let me know if/when you get some spares.

I'm so sorry I didn't see this at all Sean.   Yes that is the golden dragon lepto in the 3rd pic down I will get you a frag of it as well as the grape favia.  

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