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180g complete setup FS $40-$1600 (Gig Harbor WA)


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I am breaking down my 180g!  Would like to sell the whole setup, but if not then livestock must go first.  I have been the original owner of all the equipment listed and take meticulous care of it.  Fish are very healthy and eating well.  System has been up and running for a year now and is doing great, I must sell because of work and dont want to overly burden wife.

UPDATE:  all livestock is gone, equipment is broken down/cleaned and ready to go.  Looking to cut a deal on person who wants whole setup, can help deliver.


180g drilled tank/stand/canopy/custom made sump and Jebao DCT return pump-  $1400 (no scratches)

Current USA 4108 orbit IC LED - Loop $150

Vortech MP40W $200

Vortech MP40W Quiet Drive $260

Super Reef Octopus 1000LSS protein skimmer $160

Kessil H380 $220


Ehiem Jager 200w heater x2 $40

Saltwater mixing station $60


All together price $1400  (price dropped, need it gone)


Feel free to text if you have questions/want to check anything out.  Can send better pics upon request.  352-262-7988









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3 hours ago, Micksfish said:

How long have you had the copperband for? What all does it eat? Is the mystery wrasse still available as well?

I have had the copperband for about a year now.  It eats anything I throw in.  My prepared food (mostly mysis and clams), and LRS prepared food as well.  Loves nori too.  Yes they are both still available.

3 hours ago, Micksfish said:

Also, is the red mandarin a male of female? And what size is it?

The mandarin is female, pretty large, i would say maybe ~3" in length.


Let me know if you are interested, I will give you a deal if you get all three.

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