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24 gallon aquapod and corals/inhabitants for sale w/pics


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I’m getting out of the reef hobby and selling my stuff. I have a nice, healthy, not rotting tank (before I got this tank, I visited a few homes where people were trying to sell their smelly, neglected tanks. Embarrasing). The only disclaimer is that I have green turf algae that I can’t kick. It came with my original live rock. Some think it’s ugly, some think it’s pretty, you be the judge. I just have lost interest.


My tank has been going for 18 months. I’ve modified it (see below), and I’m very proud of that. It provides plenty of light, with no overheating worries, even for SPS. It’s a solid, established tank. Maintenance is pretty easy: Top off the aquarium in the morning and evening. 50% water changes every 2 weeks (I’ve slipped lately, but just did one today). “Filtration” is just a sponge, refugarium, carbon media and live rock rubble. I broadcast feed mysis shrimp and cyclopeeze couple times a week (definitely, a few corals would like more).


I’m asking $500 for the whole shebang. If that doesn’t happen after a couple weeks, I’m willing to parse things out. So, you can make your offers now on individual stuff, but I won’t get back to you for a couple weeks.


Any questions, email me: bryallan at gmail dot com



Bryan (N Portland)


Excellent Condition:

(1) Frogspawn/Torch Coral hybrid? (Euphyllia Paradivisa) – Green with purple tips, 20 heads 5 in. across. my favorite. Nice sphere shape.

(1) Pineapple Coral (Favia) – Yellow/green/brown with green eyes, 4 in. across, spreading a lot onto live rock, nice sphere shape.

(lots) Halimeda Algae

(1) Cup Coral (Turbinaria) – tan with yellow polyps, 4 inches across

(tons) Xenia – pulses nicely, white stalk, brown/silver tips, some on live rock, lots on glass and back.

(1) Brain Coral (favites) – tan with green eyes, 3 in. sphere.

(plenty) Green Star Polyps – Purple and neon green, growing on back of tank.

(1) Pistol shrimp- mostly hear him, never see him. Obviously, he’s sold with the tank or last. I don’t feel like tearing it apart to catch him.

(1) Purple ribbon gorgonian- 5-6 inches long

(several) Miscellaneous purple/green shrooms – from quarter to 2-3 in. across


Good condition:

(1) Montipora – Pink, faded under PC lighting, 4 in. x 4 in.

(4) Montipora – Purple, faded under PC lighting, 2-3 in. frags

(1) cup coral (Turbinaria) – Green, faded under PC lighting, 2-3 in.

(1) Ricordia (blue) – a little faded

(1) Greenish pink LPS unidentified – a little washed out because placed too high in tank. 2-3 in.

(1) Orangish green LPS unidentified – faded. 2-3 in.


Needs care:

(1) cup coral (Turbinaria) – Pink, faded under PC lighting, 2 in., heavily receded.

(2) Candy Cane Coral (Caulastrea Curvata) – receding, turf algae growing on base, 4 heads on frag.

(1) Pink Bubble Coral (Physogyra) – Receded to about an inch

(1) Diplastrea – Green and purple eyes, 4 in. x 4 in., receding a tiny bit, turf algae growing on it.

(1) Pincushion urchin – purple and yellow, he’s developed a hole in his side. Didn’t eat my turf algae, needs a home with more food.



(1) 24 gallon modified Aquapod – 3 x 36 watt pc (on two timers), moon lights, 2 ultra quiet pc fans cool lights, 1 ultra quiet pc fan blows on water (it’s speed controlled by a dial, fast on summer days, slow during winter. Never had to use the air conditioner.), extra water outlet on back of tank, modified the back of the tank to change the water flow, one compartment for algae (backlit by 13 watt pc), one for heater, one for rock rubble and media, extra never-used clear light cover for hood.

(1) Stand – oak-stained rubber wood on casters with drawer and cabinet. Aquarium fits perfectly on it.

(2) Jager 100w heater

(2) Timers

(1) Digital Thermometer

(1) Aqua Safe R/O unit (should change the D/I beads)

(half left) SeaChem Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, Phosphate test

(1) MaxiJet 900

(1) Via Aqua 480

(1) Hydor Flow

(2) stock Pumps

(1) 160 Gallon Instant Ocean, unused, sealed in bucket

(1) Hydrometer swing arm

(1) small Mag Float

40 lbs live rock.

Miscellaneous media, Rubbermaid water containers, buckets, nets, turkey baster, etc.


Big pictures:






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Dibs on both of the cup corals, the yellow and the pink, as well as the Pink monit.(depending on your location, within 20 miles or so of Beaverton I'm intrested, and of course price)


The pictures aren't working for me.


We'll talk money if you decide to part out.


Good Luck.

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