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Feeding my filters


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Hey guys (and maybe gals) great page. I'm a teacher getting into the hobby with hopes of setting up a cool tank in my classroom one day.

Here's my question: The live rock I got for my tank has a lot of different filter feeders on it. What is the best way to feed them? I've seen the Kent Marine products for filter feeders, which are significantly cheaper than the live stuff. Does it still work? What would you all suggest?

Thanks for the help!

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Welcome to the teaching-tank thing. I teach chem/physics/bio in Woodburn. :)


I think that star polyps and zoas are fine with just lighting. (if it is bright enough) I only have one type of zoa that will actually "eat" and it will actually take pieces as large as brine shrimp. It is really fun to watch.


dsoz :)

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